• Innovation of design, aesthetics and function.
  • Easily demountable and maximum space saving obstacle either in folded and unfolded state. 
  • All plastic composition - wings, poles and hooks, no metal parts, unlimited lifetime
  • Adjustable height of jump within the range 10-65 cm
  • There is a possibility of various colors and combinations, different design of the shape of panels of wings, also according to your wishes2
  • Made of plastic, high strength, high stability, resistance to wind, resistance to sun, rain, snow, UV stable.
  • Before launching the sale, the jumps were tested in practice for six months.
  • Lightly textured full color plastic (also in cuts), choice of colors: yellow, red, blue, orange and pink.
  • There are 6 basic patterns of the wing design Vertical,Diagonal, I love, We love, Paws, and Ornament...
  • ...or you have the opportunity to create an original wing with your own pattern, logo or text.




We will create your own unique jump obstacle according to your taste with your own logo, design, your own text or web address.

  1. logo of your club
  2. your dog´s name
  3. bespoke shape cutouts
  4. various combinations

2015 - 2017 JUMPS

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