• Innovation of design, aesthetics and function.
  • Easily demountable and maximum space saving obstacle either in folded and unfolded state. 
  • All plastic composition - wings, poles and hooks, no metal parts, unlimited lifetime
  • Adjustable height of jump within the range 10-65 cm
  • There is a possibility of various colors and combinations, different design of the shape of panels of wings, also according to your wishes2
  • Made of plastic, high strength, high stability, resistance to wind, resistance to sun, rain, snow, UV stable.
  • Before launching the sale, the jumps were tested in practice for six months.
  • Lightly textured full color plastic (also in cuts), choice of colors: yellow, red, blue, orange and pink.
  • There are 6 basic patterns of the wing design Vertical,Diagonal, I love, We love, Paws, and Ornament...
  • ...or you have the opportunity to create an original wing with your own pattern, logo or text.

2015 - 2017 JUMPS

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JUMPS with custom logo

We will create your jump obstacle according to your taste with your own logo, design, your own text or web address.

  • logo of the club
  • your dog´s name
  •  various combinations
„Tragédie žen spočívá v tom, že se každá nakonec podobá své matce.“ Oscar Wilde